8 Principles of ISO 9000

8 Principles of ISO 9000
8 Principles of ISO 9000


8 Principles of ISO 9000


As the new revision has been in proggres I would like to share the 8 Principles of ISO 9000 series. However ISO has changed the principles to 7 pillars. Soon I will share the new model.



8 Principles of ISO 9000


1 Customer Focus


  • organisations depend on their customers
  • should understand current and future needs
  • should meet and strive to exceed expectations.


2 Leadership


  • establish unity of purpose and direction
  • create and maintain appropriate environment
  • enable people to become fully involved and achieve objectives.


3 Involvement of People


  • people at all levels are essence of an organisation
  • full involvement
  • enable their abilities.


4 Process Approach


  • Desired results are achieved more efficiently when activities and resources are managed as a processes
  • organisation must identify and manage interrelated and interacting processes
  • output of one process = input of next process


5 System Approach to Management


  • identify, understand, manage interrelated processes
  • increase effectiveness and efficiency.


6 Continual Improvement


  • Continual improvement of the organisation‘s overall performance should be a permanent objective


7 Factual Approach to Decision Making


  • Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information


8 Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

  • organisation and supplier are independent
  • mutually beneficial relationships enhance the ability for both to create value.


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