10 Root Causes of Resistance to Change

10 Root Causes of Resistance to Change
10 Root Causes of Resistance to Change


10 Root Causes of Resistance to Change

If you would like to benefit from science and benchmarking you need to change the culture first. To change a culture is not an easy work. Even you start to talk to people they start to resist, blame the organisation, people or system. How do you feel in such moments? You know what the problem is? The system we have created is not real. It’s not the real life. Nobody wants to be observed or tested by another body. Even you don’t like it. Do you? Do you like to be tested? or categorised?

All living organisims have the instinct to resist change. Even animals and plants resist to change and that’s why evolution of all species around the globe continious. That is the reason of evolution of immune systems of organisims and creatures. Species have developed poison, defending organs or hiding ability to resist change.

Here are the Root Causes of Resistance;

10 Root Causes of Resistance to Change

1- Lack of trust in leader

2- Dislike of surprises

3- Lack of self-confidence, and confidence in others

4- Self-interest and shifts in power and influence

5- Sceptism as a result of the failure of previous change initiatives

6- Lack of know-how

7- Lack of conviction that change is needed

8- Lack of conviction that the need for change is urgent

9- Fear of personal failure

10- Lack of motivation: “What’s in it for me?”



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